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Tom Daily Contracting LLC


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Automotive & Transport


Company Name

Tom Daily Contracting LLC

Elevator Pitch:

The Drone Hopper can be used to help cleanup shorelines along rivers and oceans. The Drone Hopper can be used for medical supply delivery, mapping, inspection work, exploration, and agricultural uses.

Description Of Solution

There is a 200 million dollar market cleaning up the worlds waterways. We will use the Drone Hopper to survey and map out where trash is located along shorelines of rivers and oceans. For large cleanup areas the Cargo Hopper would bring the cleanup crew to the site. The Drone Hopper's will be designed to pickup trash and bring it back to the lager Cargo Hopper. Several of the Drone Hoppers can be launched from a Cargo Hopper. Both the Drone Hopper and the Cargo Hopper can land on water or land. The Hopper with no exterior rotor blades like a helicopter make it safe, quiet, and efficient for rescue mission work. The Hopper can get in close when doing rescue missions or inspection work not having to worry about a rotor strike that can cause a helicopter to crash and cause injury or death. The Hopper's can be designed to help fight forest fires. Forest fires are a world wide problem causing billions of dollars in damages a year. The Hoppers can carry water or flame retardants to make pinpoint drops to maximize the effectiveness on stopping the fire. .

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Business Model:

Build the Drone Hopper for $1,000 dollars and sell for $3,000. Selling 1000 Drone Hoppers would generate $3 million in revenue.

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Automotive & Transport

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Mixed B2B/B2C


Aerospace & Defense

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Pre Seed


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