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CellBriX Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

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Company Name

CellBriX Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

Elevator Pitch:

Focused on Native Antigens used in the manufacturing of Diagnostic kits Filling the market needs of consistent quality, timely supplies and customization 700 million US$ market Low completion (6-7 manufacturers globally) Having network of over 100 buyers India has ecosystem of patients policy

Description Of Solution

India is a strategic location for Native Antigens manufacturing having diverse pool of patients. India government has established the Policy to promote this business. Having the high diversity makes the products more suitable for Diagnostic kits due to their heterogeneity. Addressing the gaps of quality and timely supplies.

Why You Should Invest:

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Founders Message or Background:

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Business Model:

B2B business model supplying to Diagnostic kits manufacturing majors. Ever Dried supply demand scenario EBITA : >75%

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Business Type



Life Sciences

Funding Stage



$ 5000000

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