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Black Moon Dairy Farm Pvt.Ltd


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Pre Seed


Company Name

Black Moon Dairy Farm Pvt.Ltd

Elevator Pitch:

We are planning a huge level of INTEGRATED DAIRY FARMING 5000cows, 5000 buffalo, 3000 goats, 3000 sheep, 100000 fish farming, and biogasplants.

Description Of Solution

We hope this email finds you well. We are planning to start and expand a new Integrated Dairy Farming project in Musiri, Trichy District, and Tamil Nadu State, India. We are looking for investors, partnerships, project funding, and joint ventures to finance and help us grow the business. We are also open to other forms of financial assistance such as loans and equity investments. The integrated dairy farming system we have planned is highly profitable and will contribute significantly to the local economy. It is also a great opportunity for potential investors who would like to diversify their portfolio with a sustainable project that will generate returns over the long term. We are excited to introduce our new project a dairy farm with an investment of $ 56 Million USD. Attached are our pitch deck, business plan, financial projections debt and equity, and company documents for your perusal. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in a project that stands to reap great rewards. We understand the risk involved and hence, we don’t have any kind of security such as collateral/ BG for the repayment of funds. However, we can guarantee you that this is a project with high potential given the right resources and support. I wanted to reiterate that I do not pay any kind of upfront fee in any manner. If any kind of fee is involved in this deal, all the fees deducted from a loan or after disbursements are acceptable. .

Why You Should Invest:

Milk and Milk products have huge demand worldwide

Success Stories:

Already we are running a pilot project


Founders Message or Background:

Have 30 years of experience in this field and have a huge team

Images(if Any):

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Business Model:

Animal milk sales to government society with buyback agreements and milk allied products sold to the domestic and worldwide market





Business Type

Mixed B2B/B2C


Business Services

Funding Stage

Pre Seed


$ 200000

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